Transgender services, Trans healthcare, Bend Oregon

Our caring, compassionate team of doctors and staff understands the unique healthcare needs of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. We offer high quality, comprehensive medical care in a safe, welcoming environment for all gender identities and expressions. 

Transgender health services for the Central Oregon trans community

We offer education, support, and sexual and reproductive health services for trans and transitioning transgender people, including: 

  • Personalized, gender-affirming care plans
  • Hormone therapy and other treatments
  • Counseling regarding options for hormone therapy for gender transition
  • Referrals to surgeons for gender-affirming surgical treatment
  • Gynecologic and contraceptive care that is sensitive to each patient’s needs, including IUD insertion and removal, breast/chest healthcare, and STI screening and treatment

Supporting transgender transitions

There are many different choices when choosing to transition. These include whether to transition socially, legally, and/or medically. We respect that each of these experiences is highly personal to your specific journey. Regardless of what you decide, we can guide you with expert advice, support and referrals.

We’re here to support you.

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